Janine Brown

The Remington Disarmed
From 2004-2006, I occupied a studio in the Remington Arms Factory building on Arctic Street in Bridgeport.  During that time, I photographed the abandoned machinery that stood silent outside my studio door, as well as, the building structure. The body of work entitled “The Remington Disarmed” uses the actual photographs and fragments of the photographs from that time period.  The process used to create the photographs was one of spontaneity – I had a general idea of the photo – but would intentionally move the camera to create blurred and abstract photographs.   The resulting images created a haunting and abstract vision of the building and machinery.  Taking the imagery one step further, I used the photographs as source material for multilayered pastel artworks.  In these works, the layers of colors represent the complexity of the machinery. The consistent diagonal stroke represents the monotony that the assembly workers presumably experienced on the assembly line.  The resulting image is far removed from the factory that was used many years ago to create arms.